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Has your home flooded leaving you worried about the impending damage to your property? Don't let the thought bog you down. Mr. Captain Clean of Brevard County, FL is driven to keeping our local customers happy and satisfied. Being a small company has its advantages, we're extremely customer-focused! Our injectordry systems and dehumidifiers allow us to dry your structure without cutting through your walls, we'll work with you every step of the way. We even have a list of plumbers to assist you if there's a need to fix any water damage in an emergency situation.

There are three categories of water involved in a water damage situation. The category of water will help determine the proper water restoration method used by our professionals.

Category 1: Water is know as clean water or white water. Its is a fresh water leak into the home. Examples: Bathtub, sink, broken water supply lines, including dishwasher or washing machine malfunctions that involve the water line or a damaged faucet.

Category 2: Water is commonly known as gray water. Gray water is wastewater from sinks, bathtubs and showers as well as water discharged by washing machines and dishwashers.

Category 3: Water is known as black water. Examples: Sewage, flood Category 1 and 2 not treated properly overtime.

Reliable Water Restoration Assistance That You Can Count On

Detail-Oriented Water  Solutions

  • Water removal and drying

  • Dehumidification

     .   Odor and mildew control.

  • Thermal Imaging Technology

  • Wooden floor drying

  • Kitchen cabinet drying

  • Wall drying

  • Deodorize and sanitize  

  • Bathroom drying

     .    Mold Inspection.

     .   Antimicrobial Treatment.

     .  Complete structural drying

Water Restoration & Mold Remediation Procedures Handled Responsibly And Efficiently



Thermal Camera Detection

Mr. Captain Clean uses thermal imaging technology to detect moisture behind dry wall. Water damage under wood floors can also be detected with thermal imaging technology.

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Mold Prevention and Remediation


It is important to have an experienced company to deal with mold damage, Time is crucial!  However in the unfortunate event of microbial growth, our company is educated in the correct remediation process needed. Mr Captain Clean has the state of the art equipment for proper disposal and cleanup. Our Hepa vac and Hepa 500 air scrubbers with antimicrobial can vipe away mold growth and spores not visible to the naked eye. An air quality specialist  can be called in to take any air samples in your home to make sure you and your family are safe.

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